list of dyeing machine for fabric dye in textile | auto

List of Dyeing Machine for Fabric dye in Textile | Auto

Fabric Jet Dyeing Machines List. Fiber Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Wool: Fiber Dyeing Machine. The machine is used for dyeing Zozene Fiber and dyeing wool, Feature Fiber Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Clothe: When huge amount of Zozene cotton fiber or dyeing wool is to be dyed in standard dyeing shade, continuous dyeing may be carried out.

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al-waris industries | to be the best not the biggest

Al-Waris Industries | To Be The Best Not The Biggest

Since 1996 Al-waris Industries Karachi offers garment dyeing, whether it is direct, reactive & pigment dyeing. Al-waris Industries is capable of accommodating all garment dying volumes. For starters, we have sample dye machines suitable to dye a single piece, following a formula generated, to the standard provided by the client.

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garments dyeing | flainox

Garments dyeing | FLAINOX

Garments dyeing Italian made high pressure dyeing machines FLAINOX operates in the dyeing and finishing plant and machinery construction sector since 1968. Right from the first moment of its activity the Company has based its development on the principle of a synergical collaboration with the most qualified customers for the garments dyeing

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garments dyeing | garments dyeing process | textile …

Garments Dyeing | Garments Dyeing Process | Textile …

Garments Dyeing : The process of dyeing fully made apparel product like t-shirts , pants , trousers , shirts , jackets, tops, pullovers , dresses and bottoms is called garments dyeing. In Conventional method , Garments are made with pre-dyed fabrics and then cutting and sewing. But now grey fabrics are dyed in required color after manufacturing.

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an overview of rotary garment dyeing machine | …

An Overview of Rotary Garment Dyeing Machine | …

Different types of garments dyeing machines have been developed and all types of dyeing machines can be classified into the following two groups- (a)Overhead padel type (b)Side padel type. This type of garments dyeing machines are the first and oldest type of garments dyeing machine still used is European countries and also used in our country.

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dyeing machine - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Dyeing Machine - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Rotary drum machines are used for dyeing small garments, especially stockings and hoses. The garments may be placed in open-mesh nonabsorbent bags randomly or after folding flat. The mechanical action in the machine is very gentle. The rotary drum is cheap, compact and simple to operate.

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garments dyeing machine - …


Side loading washing machines is suitable for washing/milling of garments, cotton & woollen sweaters. Denim/enzyme wash, bath mats dyeing and dyeing of knitted garments. STC side loading washing, machine has auto timed, auto reverse, auto digital temperature control, and auto stop features with gear box drive in all models and sizes.

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list of machinery for knit composite dyeing and …

List of Machinery for Knit Composite Dyeing and …

The process starts with yarn dyeing and finishes with fully knitted garments ready to send to the customer. Different stages and process involved in a knit composite factory. In this article, I made a List of Machinery for Knit Composite Dyeing and Garments Factory which will be required for doing the process of a composite factory.

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rotary garments dyeing machine - textilelearners

Rotary garments dyeing machine - textilelearners

The biggest advantage of this rotary garments dyeing machine can be used for desizing, scouring and bleaching. Dyeing and washing treatment of the garments capacity of rotary garments dyeing machine may vary from 50 to 500 kg but the 300 kg capacity dyeing machine is mostly used in the garments dyeing …

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dyeing - wikipedia

Dyeing - Wikipedia


2019-6-10 · Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments on textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the objective of achieving color with desired fastness.[1] Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. Dye molecules are fixed to the fibre by absorption, diffusion, or bonding with

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